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Kater's solution was to fit the Yamaha dust caps to stop water getting into the fork lowers. He said the OEM part was required and aftermarket ones don't fi. Link might be here?
Your other bikes / Re: guzzi 4 cylindres
« Last post by monohorizontalracer on June 24, 2018, 04:31:46 pm »
oui de la belle musique jusqu’à 7000 tours et une symphonie à partir de 8000 tours  ;D
Somewhere on Leafman's blog, I think Kater wrote of fitting rubber spacers from a Yamaha.  SR500 or XS650 maybe
Your other bikes / Re: guzzi 4 cylindres
« Last post by JamesNFalconaut on June 23, 2018, 11:33:54 pm »
What a neat engine block.  Just 60 cc for each pot.  It must howl when on song.
Mine have the rubber rings, and they don't scrape FWIW.
Are you saying that yours doesn't have the rings?
Engine and Transmission / Re: Camshaft nut torque
« Last post by banquo on June 23, 2018, 08:21:42 pm »
Hi Martin, There are pretty much no torque setting specified. I don't see the nut coming undone, and you could always add a dab of Loctite.
However, I believe you're supposed to be able to set the adjustment statically, with the bike on the centre stand, jiggling the back wheel to select gears and check for neutral selection. There are neutrals between each gear, but I'm not sure if that's by design (easier clutchless changes) or accidental....
Your other bikes / Re: guzzi 4 cylindres
« Last post by banquo on June 23, 2018, 08:16:13 pm »
It has the correct badge though, and that's all that matters. I like it.
Your other bikes / Re: guzzi 4 cylindres
« Last post by randall on June 23, 2018, 03:00:39 pm »

that's right , this model is the fruit, along with others, of the controversial era of the De Tomaso management,

fortunately there was also produced the Lemans, to keep up the banner of the Larian brand  ;D
Your other bikes / Re: guzzi 4 cylindres
« Last post by monohorizontalracer on June 23, 2018, 12:56:20 pm »
bonjour randall
oui c'est vrai même si au départ le petit bloc devait être un 125 cc en réalité le moteur est un benelli de 231 cc puisqu'une taxe était appliquée à l'époque au dela de 240 cc , la moto ne pèse que 117 kgs pour 11800 tr/mn (donnée constructeur) la moto a été déclinée chez benelli , moto guzzi et motobi à très peu d'exemplaires elle est sortie seulement pendant 1 an en france je crois donc très peu diffusée je ne sais pas encore combien d'exemplaires fabriqués
mais je préfère l'habillage de la benelli 250 quattro qui n'a malheureusement pas étée importée en france , le moteur tourne bien mais je dois vérifier toute la moto avant de la mettre sur la route
Engine and Transmission / Camshaft nut torque
« Last post by Mjoinson on June 23, 2018, 08:51:38 am »
Does anyone know what's the camshaft nut torque is supposed to be? Up changes on my Nuovo Falcone have always been much more likely to find a false neutral (which could be either above or below the gear I was hoping for) so I thought I'd see if the external adjuster on the gearbox did anything useful. As I'm unlikely to get that spot on first time I'm tempted not to stake the camshaft nut until I've finished fiddlling. If it's done up tight it ought to stay on for a gentle trip round the block? Any thoughts?

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