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bill bikie

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member auistralia
« on: April 29, 2017, 07:01:42 am »
have a 1973 NF ex Italian army. 2250km genuine. After purchasing it got the big C so sat it in shed. As I am 71 am putting a sidecar on it.  Have had the extra oil line fitted after a friend described what happened to his. The rocker was dry and overheated. Also have 3 other sidecars, including 350Jawa. Plus some velocettes and an XS650. The side car is the Bemmer (from India) they painted it in Army green same as enfield. Not impressed with the quality of the workmanship but have modified it to suit Victoria Australia road rules. Took the NF to broadford in 2016 when the V8 was in Aust. Went well but will be buying a new carby as cannot get anyone to fix it. I needed a stearing damper and found they are unobtainable second  hand in Victoria. Racing guys grab them. So I stated afresh and looked at the Jawa (638 from 1985)which is friction damper. Making a bracket fitted it on the underside of the stearing stem. Fits quite well. When on the road will be the test. A universal fitting kit came with the side car. So I used them and the bike fell over side ways. These are the u shaped brackets. Badly designed, every one a different length thread. A friend said he had used them on a sidecar. I said how did you stop them twisting. He said after setting it up I welded the brackets to the frame. In Victoria you can fit a sidecar but if it is in any way welded to the frame then you must obtain a certificate from a chartered engineer. So we now will make our own fittings.

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Re: member auistralia
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2017, 08:45:27 am »
Hi Bill
Side cars  sound  very cool , any chance of some pictures ? 
Ric  Nz